[YELLOW COOKAT] Snow Flake Katsudon

[YELLOW COOKAT] Snow Flake Katsudon

1 Cheese Pork Cutlet, 1 Egg, 1bowl Rice, 1/3 Onion,1tsp Scallion, Mozzarella Block
– Sauce: 1+1/2cup Kelp Broth, 1Tbsp Soy Sauce, 1Tbsp Rice Wine, 1Tbsp Sugar, Pepper

1. Deep fry the pork cutlet.
2. In a pot, add 1+1/2cup kelp broth, 1Tbsp soy sauce, 1Tbsp rice wine, 1Tbsp sugar, pepper and bring it to boil. Add onion and boil until cooked then add whisked egg.
3. In a rice bowl, pour 2/3 of sauce on top of rice then place pork cutlet. Pour remaining 1/3 of sauce.
4. Garnish with scallion and grate mozzarella block and serve.


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